Unwrapping your gift

in-jesus-nameIf you were here for one of the Christmas Masses, I hope you picked up and have unwrapped your Christmas present! We handed out almost 2,000 copies of Rediscover Jesus by Catholic author Matthew Kelly. (And if you were away, no worries, we have more of the books!) I hoped you have begun to read the 40 chapters – a chapter at a time. The book is not a novel that begs you to turn page after page until you reach the end. It is more a “40 day retreat” which offers you four practical invitations at the end of every chapter, each of which appeal to a different part of our being. To Ponder engages the mind, Verse to Live (taken from the Gospels) can engage almost any part of us; Question to Consider engages our memories and life experience, and Prayer engages our hearts. Almost every reader will find at least one of those four points striking. These invitations allow us as readers to reflect on the message of the chapter in a way that is deeply personal. Continue reading