Describing God

God describes himself in Exodus 34:6-7. In this passage, the first word God uses to describe himself is compassionate, or in Hebrew, rakhum. This word has fascinating connections in the Hebrew Bible and is actually related to the Hebrew word for “womb.” God’s compassion is active and nurturing and at the core of who he is.

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The Lord Provides: compassion

fish-and-loavesThe miraculous feeding of the a very large number of people in the wilderness is one miracle that is told in each of the four canonical gospels. Despite the consistency of the narrative there are, in every age, those who reject the miraculous (Jesus inspired the people to share) or dismiss the narrative as apocryphal – or at best an altered memory of a large feast that imaged the coming banquet of the Kingdom. Keener (403) points out that nothing would be more memorable than a feeding miracle, especially in the context of the culture of their day. Keener offers four points: Continue reading