The Crux of things

Everyone has their own habits as regards the consumption of news. I often scour CNN, the NY Times, CBS and Fox News – a way of seeing what is being said about the topic of the day – or even one network is even covering something. It is all revealing.

Once I week I check on Crux News, “Taking the Catholic Pulse.” Crux was founded by the Boston Globe, but is now independently owned. It dedicated focus concerns Catholicism in the United States Crux features deep coverage of the Holy See by the long-time Vatican watcher and reporter John L. Allen Jr. – a “go-to” interview by the national networks when things Catholic are headline news. Crux also employs Inés San Martín, as Rome Bureau Chief. San Martin is also a veteran of Vatican and European Catholic reporting.

This week’s article by Allen is interesting and worth the read. It is a reminder the American Catholic view is just one view in global, culturally diverse Catholic Church of more than 1.3 billion members: “Each Catholic culture brews a controversy made to order”  Take a moment and have a read.

Catholicism and Baseball

My previous post was a serious article by veteran Vatican/Catholic reporter John L. Allen, Jr. of the Boston Globe/ Here is a more light-hearted post from the same article:

On baseball and Catholicism –
John L. Allen, Jr. , Boston Globe and

Easter is my favorite holiday, not only because it recalls the central event in the Christian account of salvation history, meaning Christ rising from the dead, but also because it coincides with baseball’s Opening Day. Continue reading